Vision, Mission & Values

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To contribute towards Botswana advancing sustainable business practices to evolve relationships between the environment, communities and governance structures by 2030 in line with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Collaborate with global organizations to help them integrate ESG management into their operations and strategic planning and standardize data management, transparency and reporting on ESG and sustainability goals.

  1. Respect – to have compassion and treat employees and stakeholders with courtesy.
  2. Team Work - to encourage creativity and make things happen to ensure each other’s success.
  3. Integrity – to be transparent, accountable, reliable, honest in the way we carry out our work.
  4. Mindset Culture – to accept our unique talents and aspire to live to give
  5. Inclusion – to create a collaborative, productive workplace and ensure dignity for all to unlock potential of employees, their authenticity and commitment.

  1. Act with integrity to deliver the best customer experience.
  2. Lead as a sustainable organization.
  3. Make a sustainable difference in Botswana and Africa.
  4. Collaborate with partners to deliver positive ESG impact.
  5. Care for the People & Planet while making a profit.