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Theme: ‘Investing in ESG and Sustainability: Aligning Profitability with Positive Environmental and Social Impact’

Date: 8th – 10th July 2024

Venue: Gaborone, Botswana

Event Format: Interactive, in person and online

  • Day 1 – Official Opening by the Minister of Environment and Tourism and a Keynote presentation by Africa Head of the UN Global Compact based in Abuja, Dr. Herve LADO and in the presence of high-level attendees, plenary and panel discussions to set the tone for the week, photo shoot and site visit of sustainable site and tour of digital exhibition stalls.
    • UN Global Compact CEO’s Forum
    • Photoshoot and site visit to tour exhibition stalls.
    • Exclusive Welcome Cocktail to be hosted by our prestigious partner.
  • Day 2 – International and local case study presentations, panel discussions, side discussions and digital exhibition stalls.
    • Gala Dinner for VIPs and Sponsors.
  • Day 3 – Continuation of the agenda, case studies, presentations, panel discussions and side meetings driving different SDG Goals.
    • Wrap up and close.


In the months leading to The Botswana Sustainability Week, Green Loop will lead the sustainability marketing campaign with partners to raise awareness on sustainability and ESG in Botswana to drive engagement and stimulate conversations towards the annual Botswana Sustainability Week. Four (4) sessions shall be held throughout the year 2024, with two sessions scheduled to take place ahead of the Sustainability Week; in April and June while the other two sessions will take place post the summit in September and November 2024.

Following the successful launch of the inaugural Botswana Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Summit in 2023, where 5 Ministers confirmed, 3 Ministers presented and 30 local and international speakers from various private and public entities had converged to exchange insights on exactly what ESG is and why it is important for organizations operating in Botswana.

Green Loop Environmental Consultants shall host the 2nd Botswana Sustainability Week in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the United Nations Global Compact, Green Loop Foundation, Association for Women in Science Botswana (AWIS-BW) and potentially one of the global countries, which could possibly be The London Sustainability Week; a formidable team of ESG experts that have been hosting sustainability weeks for a decade now.

he main focus of this year’s event is to continue the journey to engage Botswana and organizations that operate in Botswana to take a deep dive and unpack the ESG value proposition to align profitability with positive environmental and social impact.

Globally, organizations continue to engage on various sustainability topics and agendas with a view to simplify ESG and sustainability for everyone across the value chain to understand first what Sustainability is and later on to direct where impactful sustainability initiatives and projects can be implemented. It has become apparent that the availability and understanding of sustainability frameworks is the first step on a journey to incorporating ESG business practices into organizational strategies. While ESG accountability is paramount, the need for comprehensive ESG strategies and integrated reporting as demanded by international investors has become the new normal. International investors listed on various international Stock Exchanges have made it a requirement for consideration before investing in and building strategic partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs; that they first must associate themselves with sustainable financing and responsible investment.

Botswana is on its early stages of the sustainability journey and organizations appear to be lagging behind in adopting and ensuring integration of ESG principles into their organizational strategies. Even though some executives from various industries have taken part in various ESG and sustainability summits and/or training, it is evident that more time needs to be spent on the ESG and sustainability topic to enlighten and bring up to speed, the nation of Botswana and organizations that operate in the country, on global trends regarding the adoption of ESG and sustainability and what they can do to derive value from such investments.

  • To progress engagement on environmental protection and climate change accountability through sustainability frameworks. To encourage organizations to adopt ESG and
  • To encourage organizations to adopt ESG and sustainability strategies.
  • To unpack the benefits of adopting ESG strategies and integrated reporting for businesses.
  • To foster collaborative efforts for Botswana across and within industries to address issues of environmental protection and climate change.
  • Encourage organizations to share and exchange knowledge bases and best practices for sustainability and ESG adoption in Botswana and globally.
  • To exchange views on the importance of operating businesses for profit with ESG impact.
  • Create a platform to communicate the impact, growth and challenges of SMMEs in the economy of Botswana.
  • To create an environment for corporate investments to be directed towards Sustainable Development Goals in Botswana

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector
  • SMME's& MME's
  • NGO's

  • Local & International Speakers

The local and international speakers and presenters shall play a critical role to drive the agenda of the event and encourage open discussions on how Botswana can accelerate its journey to adopt ESG and sustainability business practices and ensure profi tability. The public-private partnership (PPP) is estimated to attract up to 1000 participants with an estimated 500 delegates on site and 500 online delegates.

  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • United Nations Global Compact and potentially one of the UNGC participants
  • Green Loop Foundation
  • Association for Women in Science Botswana (AWIS-BW)
  • Potentially one of the global countries that have hosted sustainability weeks, such as London Sustainability Week, Rwanda or Japan Sustainability Week
  • Local media houses

All participants and partners shall benefi t the following:

  • Brand positioning and thought leader alignment.
  • Understanding how investments in ESG could assist organizations tap into new markets.
  • Corporate positioning to influence regulatory and legal direction.
  • Access to information on potential local and international green fi nancing opportunities.
  • Showcase brand offerings to both in-person and online delegates.
  • Networking with global ESG executives to gain insights during the 4-day Sustainability Week.
  • Receive analytics on day to day engagements and overall insights from post sustainability event reporting.

All participants and partners shall benefi t the following:

  • Digital Action Wall - Attendees shall be provided with the opportunity to write down their environmental protection and climate change commitments to be achieved in the 12 months before the 3rd Botswana Sustainability Week 2025. Attendees shall present their commitments progress during the 2025 event.