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Green Loop ESG Consultants shall work with organizations that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices to increase the well-being of consumers and stakeholders ethically and equitably. Green Loop evolves the relationship between the natural environment, communities and businesses to uphold circular economy practices to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R’s). Green Loop supports businesses in their journey to consider full environmental and social impacts of production and consumption.


Green Loop Consultancy services connects communities with nature, to ensure;

1. Alignment with industry standards

  • ESG is becoming an industry standard. Popular with investors and the public.
  • Encourage Top-line growth opportunity to attract investors.

2. Reduce Costs

  • Energy and resources waste cause harm to the environment and raises operating costs.
  • Contribute towards conserving the environment and protecting it for future generations.

3. Minimize Legal repercussions

  • Stay ahead of any potential regulation.
  • Position the organization to align or surpass Government regulation.
  • Take a proactive approach to inspire and empower a nation to be proud of their environmental and social contributions.