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Green Loop ESG Consultants, established in September 2019, in Gaborone, Botswana, is a green growth-oriented company with knowledge of green technologies to help organizations meet their environmental social governance (ESG) and sustainability goals. The consultancy has been established to innovate and collaborate with organizations (the Government of Botswana, state owned enterprises and privately held entities) to drive growth in the adoption and integration of ESG and sustainability practices into day-to-day operations of organizations to align industry and cross industry and public-private goals.

Our holistic approach is directed by a green circular economy approach incorporating the use of innovative technological solutions to raise awareness, internally and externally, to ensure that all stakeholders in the value chain are empowered to drive growth in green oriented initiatives, products and services.

We assist organizations to take a proactive approach to develop and implement ESG and sustainability frameworks that could help guide the attainment of ESG and sustainability goals.

Our team consists of experts that inspire eco-friendly contributions to develop ESG and sustainability strategies, spearheading innovation and research that help contribute towards conserving the environment and protecting it for future generations. Green Loop has acquired environmentalists, GIS & Mapping Technicians, archeologists, ESG and sustainability experts in addition to industry experts in governance and strategy development and implementation to ensure efficient tracking of ESG KPIs to attaining sustainability goals.

We seek opportunities in projects that drive investments in sustainable finance, climate change and renewable energy investments, financial and environmental risk mitigation and measures taken to rehabilitate and protect the environment, and communities. Green Loop has developed a sustainability and ESG platform, ‘SESSIONS IN THE LOOP’, hosted quarterly a year to engage in sustainability discussions between private and public organizations in Botswana.

Green Loop has formed a collaborative relationship with international carbon capture systems, trailblazers in the field of climate mitigation technology dedicated to leveraging cutting edge technology to foster impactful environmental change. The collaborations enable Green Loop to bring value to organizations it works with to improve reporting on carbon emissions to attain 45% carbon reduction by 20230 and carbon neutralization by 2050 in line with United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).